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Enjoy access to the Château de Chenonceau built on a bridge across the Cher River and surrounded by gorgeously-manicured gardens à la Française.
Known as the château de femmes, it is the only castle in the region that was built, inhabited and saved by women during the Renaissance. During your visit, discover the passionate history of the famous heroines who lived there, such as Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medicis. Take your time to appreciate the refined architecture and feminine influence that prevails in each room of this renowned castle, all decorated with beautiful antiques and the most divine fresh flower arrangements. Don’t miss the new educational room presenting to the history of apothecaries, and a number of figures in the Catherine de’ Medici’s entourage. Discover a very rare collection of albarelli, barrel pots, pill boxes, syrup jars, theriac pots and mortars. Learn how the earliest remedies were rather like “witch’s potions” and how apothecaries later began to develop herbal preparations.

Skip-the-line tickets to Château de Chenonceau boeken?

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