Learn to play congas in 15-minutes boeken?

How would you like to learn to play the “Congas in just 15 minutes”? Learn to play with a new approach for all ages. Known as “Tumbao,” “Marcha” or “Rhythm Pattern,” you can learn to play this basic Conga pattern used in most popular music today in just 15 minutes. In this two-hour audience participation show, start off with an 8-minute history lesson on how the Conga drums have influenced American Music, followed by the 15-minute Conga lesson, and 60-70 minute audience play along to rhythms such as Jazz, Rock, Latin, Soul, Funk, R&B and Pop. Finish off the lesson with a spirited rendition of “Oh When The Saints Come Marching In.” During the show, the instructor will also play several Conga Rhythms to enlighten the audience about the history of this instrument. Participants will take home a printed copy of the music they learned to practice at home.

Learn to play congas in 15-minutes boeken?

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