Spoleto private walking tour boeken?

Join a walking tour of Spoleto and explore this old Umbrian settlement from its origins until modern times. Spoleto is located on a hill along the old Flaminia road opened by the Romans in the 3d century B.C.During the tour, you will see a fine stretch of a still-standing pre-Roman dry-stone fortification surviving as part of the city walls. The Romans built temples, forums, arches and most of them are still visible in the stratified center.The focus of the tour will be the Duomo (Cathedral) where even one of the most significant Renaissance Florentine painters, Filippo Lippi, worked in the 15th century. In the Cathedral you will see his frescos about Mary’s life together with a splendid 12th-13th mosaic floor and even a chapel decorated by Pinturicchio, a later but not less important Renaissance painter from Perugia.Duomo Square is also a setting for concerts during the Festival dei Due Mondi, which takes place every year between the end of June and the first half of July. During that time Spoleto becomes a fully artistic city where art exhibitions, theater plays, concerts, ballets and poetry readings taking place everywhere make the city a large stage for artists coming from all over the world.

Spoleto private walking tour boeken?

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