Tivoli villas day trip from Rome boeken?

If you’re looking to escape the bustling chaos of Rome for the day, then do as the Romans have done for centuries and head to the beautiful town of Tivoli, perched in the hills just 20 miles from the Eternal City. Boasting breathtaking views over the Roman countryside, Tivoli is world-famous for its two wonderful historical villas. The awe-inspiring Hadrian’s Villa is the largest and best-preserved villa of the ancient world, where the travel-loving emperor lived out his days in the lap of luxury surrounded by temples, baths and theatres. Nearby is the equally spectacular 16th-century Villa d’Este. An audacious Renaissance attempt to rival Hadrian’s Villa, its magnificent gardens and fountains give a unique insight into the refined culture of Italy’s golden age.

Tivoli villas day trip from Rome boeken?

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